Live at Daryl’s House Tour 2012

April 24, 2012

Daryl Hall & Sharon Jones

In 2007 Daryl Hall began his monthly live concert series online, “Live From Daryl’s House,” and this year he has taken the show on the Road – literally!

I started off this past weekend enjoying the “Live from Daryl”s  House Tour” stop at Washington DC’s Warner Theatre.  I got there plenty early and I was psyched since I had been a fan of Hall & Oats, the duo that featured Daryl’s smooth and soulful vocals,  for many, many years.

The concert included  Daryl’s special guests;   soul singer Allen Stone and Sharon  Jones (whom I had never seen live) of the Dap Kings fame . I had a marvelous  partying good old time (in spite of the couple sitting next to me getting up and down over and over again for some unknown reason).

When I first purchased my ticket and saw that one Allen Stone was to be on the bill, I did my research and immediately fell in love with this young man’s talent and musicality. Robin Thicke needs to take several seats in the back of the bus (LOL) because Allen Stone should be crowned the new KING of blue-eyed soul.

Listen to this video that I came across during my research and see for yourself how great Stone is.

The show was scheduled to start at 8pm, but the theatre wasn’t starting to look anywhere near full until 8:15, when people finally started to roll in,  and only then did the show begin. How unfortunate that concert goers no longer respect the start time of the show.

While waiting for the show to start there was a large video screen on the stage showing clips from the Web Series “Live from Daryl’s House to watch.  I saw some great performances and urge you to check out the archives on the official web site. I know I sure plan to.

Daryl started the show with songs from his latest CD release “Laughing Down Crying.”  I am so glad that there are still some artists making great music — writing real songs with great lyrics and melodies.

After a few tunes Daryl introduced Allen Stone, who he said reminded him of himself at that age. Daryl and Stone dueted on Stone’s first single “Unaware.” It was fantastic!

When Sharon came out she just took over the stage. The lady moved so fast and furious I couldn’t get a picture of her (LOL) though I tried to furiously. What a dynamic performer she is. If she can’t get you up out of your seat you must be on life support! (like that crazy couple sitting next to me who never, clapped, toe tapped or did a head bob).

Daryl and Sharon did some duets, Daryl did a few more solos, there was a break and then all three performers took to the stage, aided by two super funky horn players from the Dap Kings, in a non-stop par-tay. Eventually everyone was up out of their seats dancing and prancing. I decided to go out to the aisle so I would have more room (Heh,Heh)

The two hour party was one of the best times I ever had at a concert and I would like to send my sincere thanks to Hall, Stone, Jones and the band members for the beautiful experience.

Check out this video from the archives of “Live At Daryl’s House” and you have an idea of the high energy at the concert!

Don’t miss this tour when  it comes to your town! If you do you will be sorry :-)

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