Happy 79th Birthday Willie Nelson

April 30, 2012

As a little girl, when AM radio  played all genre’s of music, I always loved hearing the song “Crazy” as sung by Patsy Cline.  It would be many, many years later that I would come to know Willie Nelson as the composer of that song and others as well as a singer who’s voice I loved to hear and an actor who I loved to watch on the big screen.

Here’s Willie (born 4/30/1933) then …

Here’s Willie at the Grand Old Opry

… and in 1997.

I have written on all my blogs that I credit my Dad with my love of popular music. Usually his taste were my tastes and vice versa — but where Willy was concerned Daddy would not give him a listen. My Father’s favorite Country artist was Charley Pride period! He wouldn’t give any other country artist any shine.

Daddy I miss you every day.

Mr. Nelson, Many Happy Returns of the day and thanks for the music.

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